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Moving to a new city is a nerve-wracking experience, especially for a student. The task of finding a suitable living space is difficult. And once you do find one that is in your budget, it is so small that it ends even before you enter. But, unless you’re born with a silver spoon, you’ve no other option but to settle. What you can do though, is make your PG/Hostel room look beautiful. Add your personal touch and let your PG/Hostel room make everyone else jealous AF. Whether you’re that one lazy person or the one who wouldn’t spare a penny for décor, we’ve got something for all of you.

Here’s some tips to decorate your PG/Hostel room-

  1. Banners-and Posters

This one’s a no-brainer. It could be anything you like e.g. an actor, or a poster of your favourite movie/band or some motivational quotes. You can score them at giveaway prices in local street markets. Put some banners on the wall with light coloured paint on it. Simple, easy and cheap. You can take colourful paper and string, and turn them into bunting flags. You can write quotes, or create cool designs and funny patterns on them. Do whatever you please!

  1. Window Plants-

Window or desk plants can make a big difference to the aura of your room. It adds that much-needed freshness to the tiny space and helps it not get depressing. Indoor plants like Bonsai and succulents are available online at cheap prices. They not only purify the air, but bring positivity and prosperity. You can also gift one to your roomie! It’ll make a cheap yet thoughtful gift.

  1. Pin boards –

Pin boards, notice boards, cork boards, all will add a little dash of cuteness to your room. Write reminders on them, stick photographs, paste post-its and just everything that makes you smile! DIY it using washi tapes, double tapes and clippers without even digging a hole. They help you keep a note of important dates and help you relax with those aesthetic vibes when you see a next day submission date.

  1. Fairy Lights –

This might sound cliché, but they are magical and can make anything look pretty. You can also put fairy lights in a bottle or a container you don’t use anymore. You can add fairy lights to you DIY pin board or DIY night lamp. It’s affordable and easily available.

  1. Cushions and Carpets –

  Fill up your bed, nooks and corners as well as shelves with vibrant cushions to quickly colour up your space. They are comfy, and make your room look great. Oh, also add soft toys that can double us as pillows! You can DIY your cushions as well, all you need is some fabric glue, old cloth pieces and lots of cotton balls. You can take up this fun activity with your roommate and decorate your room together. Hang carpets or bed sheets as wallpaper on your wall, a super easy way to amp your room. Choose that floral one or a mandala print, whatever suits your personality. This will hardly cost you a penny.

That’s it folks! These are some super easy and cheap room décor ideas for your PG/hostel room. If you’re a minimalist and like de-cluttered spaces, the aesthetics of plants and rugs will perfectly match your vibe. Let us know your favorite room décor idea and don’t forget to share it with your roommate.

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