Ensure these things when you move into a PG after Covid-19 to stay safe


Ensure these things when you move into a PG after Covid-19 to stay safe.

If you have been living away from your home before the national lockdown and will move back to your PG after the lockdown is lifted, you will have insecurities about moving back in. Even if you were living in the same PG for months, you will double check the hygiene of the property. We totally understand your concern; this is why we have prepared an essential check-list of 5 things. Make sure your PG ticks off all the following 5 things that will keep you safe at PG post lockdown.

  1. Sanitization

Sanitization will become most essential as it reduces the risk of contracting the virus. Make sure that your property is regularly disinfected and sanitized. Following areas are to be chemically sanitized frequently:

  • Common Area
  • Food Contact Surfaces
  • Hand Contact Surfaces
  • Cleaning Materials and Equipment

You need a safe and hygienic accommodation in these difficult times. Ask your PG owner now for sanitization of the property.


  1. Gloves and Masks

These two are a necessary ornament now. Whenever you step out, you re-check for these two accessories. We know right! Apart from this, ensure that the staff at your PG is well equipped with personal protection to provide contactless and safe management.


  1. Healthy Food

Utmost care and good hygiene is to be maintained while handling food to prevent any food-borne illnesses. This becomes even more important in this difficult situation. Make sure that the food is prepared after proper cleansing of food items. Include immunity boosters like citrus fruits and nuts in your diet to keep yourself healthy.


  1. Hassle Free Laundry

Students find laundry the most tedious task. While some prefer doing it themselves, many also get it done outside. If you’re going out for laundry, make sure the laundry bags and surfaces of all the machines are disinfected. Use WHO recommended cleaning agents to ensure zero risk of spread of the virus.


  1. Security

Safety and Security is always the top most priority! We recommend in these perilous times entry to PG is strictly allowed only to inmates and staff. Entry to visitors is allowed only through proper identification and temperature check. A 24×7 security guard and CCTV will ensure total protection at the property.



Above all these measures, don’t forget to maintain distance! We know you missed your roommate and those late night movie sessions, but social distancing. This is the most important measure that we can’t emphasize more on. Avoid partying and crowded places unless necessary. We suggest you tick all the 5 things that will keep you safe at PG post lockdown.

Keeping in mind the WHO guidelines, Book My PG has taken all these measures to assure safe and secure property to our residents. In this tumultuous time, our priority is to keep you healthy. We want you to stay safe; stay well because Your NEEDS are our PRIORITY.

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