Virtual Property Visits and Online Booking is the New Normal

VIRTUAL PROPERTY VISITS AND ONLINE BOOKING – THE NEW NORMAL Covid-19 and the consequent global pandemic led to the shutdown that the world wasn't prepared for. While education was considered a recession-proof sector, the social and economic uncertainties amidst the pandemic have impacted its stakeholders at varying degrees. In India, approximately 10 million migrant students who left for their homes...

Ensure these things when you move into a PG after Covid-19 to stay safe

  Ensure these things when you move into a PG after Covid-19 to stay safe. If you have been living away from your home before the national lockdown and will move back to your PG after the lockdown is lifted, you will have insecurities about moving back in. Even if you were living in the same PG for months, you will double check the hygiene of the property. We totally understand your concern;...

Minimal room decor Ideas

Moving to a new city is a nerve-wracking experience, especially for a student. The task of finding a suitable living space is difficult. And once you do find one that is in your budget, it is so small that it ends even before you enter. But, unless you’re born with a silver spoon, you’ve no other option but to settle. What you can do though, is make your PG/Hostel room look beautiful. Add your personal...

Future of Co working Spaces

  The history of Co-working spaces is seen to be emerging out from the 1990s through the advent of the Internet and Technology. In 2005, the first official co-working space was commenced by Brad Neuberg. He used the term and described it as a physical space where independent and mobile workers came together to work in a casual environment. What started as freelancing has eventually become a real...

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